OTerra Designs

O'Toole Erin

Handcrafted rock climbing accessories, inspired by land and space, made for outdoor lovers. Because your gear can be strong, sharp, delicate, and beautiful, just like you. Made in Maine, USA, Planet Earth.


Merrick Ned

The Winterstick Snowboards story began in the late 1960s when Winterstick founder Dimitrije Milovich met up with New Jersey surfboard shaper, Wayne Stoveken. Stoveken, whom Milovich believed to be the first snowboarder, had started making snow-surfboard designs, and he showed Milovich a few construction ideas.

Mad Gabs Inc

Melchionda Gabrielle

Mad Gab’s manufactures and markets whimsical natural body care…from lip balms to sunscreen. There is no dry patch we can’t smooth!

American Roots Outerwear

Reynolds Waxman Whitney

We specialize in customized clothing and products for other businesses. Whether for your Union, brewery, campaign or company, to name a few, you can customize American Roots to work for you.

Rugged Seas

Nikki Strout

Rugged Seas collects and recycles/ upcycles used fishermen’s bibs and raingear into durable products such as tote bags, clutches, backpacks and wallets.

Amalgam Skis

Taisey Amy

We design, engineer, and build supremely durable, high-quality products for passionate skiers.

Grandy Organics

Attessa Bradley

GrandyOats Original Coconola is the delicious evolution of granola. This grain-free, coconut based organic granola is loaded with cashews, pecans, seeds and coconut chips. It’s made by hand in small batches at our solar-powered bakery and just like the sun, Coconola provides you with the sustained energy you need to power your adventures.


Devin McNeilll

Handcrafted in the USA by Flowfold, the Maine-based American brand behind the original recycled sailcloth wallet. Makers of minimalist everyday gear since 2010, their mission is to make “lighter, stronger gear,” with lifetime durability. No bells, no whistles, just high quality items you can use every single day.

Sea Bags Inc

Oakes Don

Sea Bags are born as sails and transformed into nautically inspired totes and accessories that bring our customers great happiness. You see, we believe that sails soak up sun, salt, smiles and adventure.

Freedom Boat Club

Arnold Steve

Freedom Boat Club – the world’s largest members-only boat club – was founded in 1989 in Sarasota, Florida. Today, the Club’s 300+ locations welcome hundreds of members to the docks each day to enjoy a day on the water while we take care of the rest including fueling, cleaning, maintenance, and more.