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Nowadays, when it comes to food, the words “quick” and “healthy” aren’t often used together. You can have one, but don’t expect to have the other—until now. We aim to change how people eat on-the-go.

Chef Jennifer’s creations are thoughtfully crafted to provide a meal that not only tastes great but is truly good for you. Whether you’ve hiked all day for that summit view, rose with an alpine start to earn those backcountry turns, or are simply looking for an easy-to-make option at home, all you need is boiling water and in minutes you’ll have a delicious meal. Meals starting at $7.75.

“The Thai Curry was the first Good To-Go dinner I made while backpacking and the reason I came back for more. Great flavors and ingredients.”

George EhrgottVerified Buyer

Grandy Oats

It all started around a campfire at Baxter State Park in 1979, when a couple of friends tossed around a few business concepts, and the idea of making granola took hold. What seemed like a “grandiose” idea soon became GrandyOats. The granola community that formed cared deeply about the earth and believed in making a positive impact on people and the planet. Ever since, GrandyOats has been the premier manufacturer of small-batch organic granola, trail mixes, nuts, and cereals in Maine. Granola starting at $7.99.

“Coconola is the best granola I have ever had! That includes my aunt's homemade granola, which is also great, so don't tell her I said that. It's just wonderful!”

Catherine S.Verified Buyer

R.E.D.D. Bars

R.E.D.D.’s founder, Alden Blease, had his meal plan run out in college. Unwilling to purchase cheap and nutritionally-lacking food, he went to a health food store and made his own “dough” mixture out of bulk superfoods. From there, a backpack business was born. R.E.D.D. formed in mid-2016 and grew into our current products, plant-based protein bars packed with superfoods and organic ingredients.

“Tried some REDD bars for a solo PCT backpacking trip. Loved them. Good calorie count with healthy ingredients and low sugar. Most importantly, they tasted great. The PB was my favorite. My new go to.”

Greg H.Verified Buyer

Grandy Oats Chocolate Almond Trail Mix

Chocolate Almond Trail Mix is sure to delight dark chocolate fanatics, vegans and nut lovers. Plump raisins provide a sweet, fruity balance to this mix which features roasted peanuts, almonds and walnuts. Chocolate Almond Trail Mix is made in small batches at our solar-powered bakery and just like the sun, it provides energy to power your adventures. ($11.99)

“Hit the trails with this! Pushes all the right buttons for a trail mix. Very tasty & satisfying -- very healthy, to boot!”

John SVerified Buyer