Amalgam Keyway

Purpose built specific backcountry profile to do it all. Light and nimble for uphill ascents, but not so light that you end up sacrificing the downhill performance Amalgam is known for. In bounds or out of bounds this profile is built to work.Made with Maine Spruce for its wooden core that we hand select for best grain structure along with a full carbon fiber layup, the Keyway is both light and stiff.  The extended rocker in the tip and tail has been designed with a gradual transition consistent throughout the ski to allow for smoother and quicker edge-to-edge transitions in tight terrain. This increases efficiency while skinning, keeping the tips and tails off the snow making the ski feel shorter, balanced and gripped underfoot. This also reduces drag from your skins on your uphill stride. 


“I love them. They are great skis. They perform really well in the conditions I've put them through. They feel lively and connected to me, like an extension of my body.”

Nick CVerified Buyer

Mainers Extreme Cold Mitt

Built to keep you warm, dry, and protected even when the mercury has bottomed out, Mainers Extreme Cold Mittens combine multiple insulative layers with two-stage water protection plus an interior that wicks sweat away from your skin. 100% Made in the USA by the people who for decades have been protecting people at NASA, the U.S. Military, NATO, and many more from the extreme cold. These premium winter mittens deliver a level of quality, comfort, and insulation previously unavailable to serious outdoor enthusiasts. ($195)

“By sheltering all four fingers in the same waterproof, heavily insulated space, Mainers winter mittens keep you warm in the harshest conditions”

Mainers Website

Winterstick Dauntless

Short. Wide. Surfy. Fun.

Winterstick in dedicated to hand-building the world’s finest snowboards. Built with the best materials available including hand-selected full-grain wood cores and the fastest base materials, their boards are second to none. Ride a Winterstick and you will feel the difference!

Not sure what board to buy? Winterstick now offers Demo Days of available boards starting at $75 per day.

“The orginal snow surf company, since 1972.”

Pyxie Snowskants

Looking for something new this winter? Why not look into buying a pair of Pyxie Snowskants! Softshell ski/snow pants with an attached skirt…Functional, feminine, and fun! ($139.99)


“These are the most comfortable snow pants I have ever worn!”

ChelseaWindham Maine