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Ultamid 2- Ultralite Pyramid Tent

When it comes to portable shelter, few designs have been as thoroughly time-tested and proven as those built in the pyramid-style. They’re easy to set up, efficiently spacious, and because of things like physics, incredibly capable of providing sanctuary in all but the most extreme weather. ($735.00)

  • Four Season Retreat
  • Waterproof Materials
  • Dual Peak Vents

“Light, strong, easy to set up, versatile, and doesn't fill up my pack, what's not to love?”

Jimmy SVerified Reviewer

The Rugged Seas Roll Top Backpack

Perfect for any deck or dock, the waterproof base means it can be dropped anywhere without getting the contents soaked because it’s made from the same material hardworking fisherman wear at sea. And those hardworking people need to stay dry. Includes laptop pocket inside. ($149.95)

Material: roll top recycled bib, recycled bib clips/straps, canvas and recycled bib bottom.

Oterra Designs Moonrise Chalk Bag

Oterra Designs sews equal parts function and style into each one of these handmade chalk bags. The unique collapse design plays with a variety of textures and colors, all made form waterproof fabrics. They have all the features you need, and none that you don’t. The sturdy waterproof canvas outer keeps the bag’s shape while the ultra-plush recycled Polartec fleece liner gives a warm welcome to climbers hands. A stiff rim means that the mouth is always open and easily accessible and a smooth drawstring cinch cord makes it spill-proof. These chalk bags are equipped with a side elastic brush keeper, and an adjustable/removable 5/8″ webbing waist belt. ($40.00)



What is more skin crawling than finding a tick on your sleeve? Dropping it on your carpeted floor! Now there is a tiny, infectious, parasite loose in your home with your pets, kids and loved ones.

Be prepared wherever you go! Tac-Ticks multi-use adhesive tick remover is a touch-free solution to removal and disposal of crawling, disease carrying ticks. Beat them to the bite. So easy a child could do it and so convenient you’ll never risk being without one! ($7.89)

“While most people would assume that Connecticut would be first because that’s where the first cases of Lyme disease occurred, it’s actually Maine that takes the top seat.”


Stabil Hike Macro

Venture onto undiscovered trails with the STABILicers® Hike Macro. Our most aggressive hiking device yet, it features 1/2″ stainless steel Macro cleats, ensuring superior traction and stability in deep snow and on sloped surfaces. The SureFit™ binding system and contoured insole provide a secure fit and allow for a natural stride through technical terrain.Featuring Stabil’s proprietary lightweight ThermoPlastic Elastomer, the Hike Macro proves to be durable yet lightweight in the most bitter winter environments. For less treacherous terrain, remove the 1/2″ cleat and rely on the lower profile hex-screw cleats. ($74.99)

“For the limitless, the boundless, and the ones who trek farther”

Stabil Website

Tree-Free Heat Portable Fire

An all-natural portable campfire that’s easy-to-use, scentless, and safe. Grab one for yourself, sit back, and make some fireside memories with friends and family.

This compact campfire is perfect for backyard time with the family, romantic patio date nights, and impromptu beach parties. ($25)

  • No smoke or sparks

  • Easy to light and extinguish

  • 3 to 5 hours of burn time

  • Compact size: 4” x 3”

  • Handmade in Maine

“Grab one for yourself, sit back, and make some fireside memories with friends and family.”

Tree-Free Heat