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Hyperlite Prism Pack

Charge headlong into the spectrum of winter’s white light with the pack built for alpine adventure. The Prism beckons ice climbers, mountaineers, alpinists, and backcountry skiers to think big and go deep. Designed to meet at the intersection of speed, weight, security, and comfort, this top-loading pack features an extendable drawstring closure and an adjustable, removable low-profile lid. Built with Dyneema® Composite Fabrics. ($395.00)

“Simple, sturdy, scalable bag which adjusts easily to the load you carry, be it for a kick morning trail, a day climb, or a 2/3 days trek.
Love the fabrics and the look. Congrats!”

Frederic AVerified Buyer

Brant & Cochran Allagash Gift Bundle

Want to make your gift of an Allagash Cruiser special? We’ll ship your Allagash Cruiser in a custom gift box along with a bunch of extras.  Look at all the axe-y goodness you get:

  • Our Allagash Cruiser Maine Wedge Camp Axe w/custom leather sheath
  • Allagash Cruiser T-Shirt (select size below)
  • Two-sided poster, Allagash Cruiser label magnet, B&C sticker and set of postcards
  • Our Dual Grit Honing Puck
  • Brant & Cochran Hand Forged Bottle Opener
  • Brant & Cochran Patch
  • Holiday Bundle only $319

Map Adventures Trail Bling

These Japanese glass beads are strung on leather with antique brass, copper and pewter accents. Stainless steel carabiner closure makes for a nicely weighted piece. Bling starting at $58

Three-strand bracelet. Approx. 8.5″ – 9″.



What is more skin crawling than finding a tick on your sleeve? Dropping it on your carpeted floor! Now there is a tiny, infectious, parasite loose in your home with your pets, kids and loved ones.

We understand the perils of enjoying the outdoors and the risks of Lyme disease! Our family designed Tac-Ticks as a preventative measure to eliminate crawling ticks BEFORE they bite. Prevention is critical to combating the global tick borne disease epidemic. ($7.89)

“While most people would assume that Connecticut would be first because that’s where the first cases of Lyme disease occurred, it’s actually Maine that takes the top seat.”


Sterling Rope

Our current generation of ropes is the cumulation of more than 25 years of relentless improvement. We experiment with new technologies, obsessively test in the lab and on the crag, and welcome brutally honest from our team athletes. Our dynamic ropes are organized by the key attribute you are looking for. Rope starting at $90.

“There is almost nothing to not love about his rope”

Outdoor Gear Lab

Tree-Free Heat Firestarters

Get 4 2-Packs of Premium Hemp Fire Starters delivered to your door. Make better fires, faster. And sustainably.Light just once for 30-minutes of burn time (just in case you need that extra time). And made with all-natural citronella to keep the mosquitos while you build your fire. So you can get be warm and cozy faster. ($19.99)

“We work directly with the state's hemp farmers to solve their waste problem. So that we can solve your problem: staying cozy this winter.”

Tree-Free Heat