The Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Brianne Fagan

At The Gulf of Maine Research Institute, we develop and deliver collaborative solutions to global ocean challenges. As an independent and objective nonprofit organization, we work with stakeholders and partners to support healthy ocean ecosystems, a thriving blue economy, sustainable seafood, and climate-resilient coastal communities.

More WOmen+ Surf

Pamela Chevez

More Women+ Surf is building an inclusive board sports community in and out of the water to make space, empower and increase access for historically underserved and marginalized communities.

Maine Association for New Americans

Yvette Unezase

MANA is an immigrant-led organization that promotes the social & personal empowerment of immigrants and advances racial justice and racial equity in Maine through: Raising awareness of individual and collective trauma among immigrants Providing trauma-aware, multilingual and culturally appropriate transportation services to address social determinants; Connecting immigrants with their peers across cultures and to the resources.