Outdoor Sport Institute

Smith Mike

We believe lives can be transformed through the outdoors. OSI exists to support the individuals and organizations working to make the outdoors an integral and sustainable part of life for themselves and their communities. Through training, education, planning, design, and collaboration we:


Bellas Shay

NaviTour is a one-stop platform connecting travelers to authentic and exciting experiences delivered by local experts who enjoy sharing all Maine has to offer. We have experiences on everything from craft beer and food to art and history to hiking and fishing. NaviTour offers a space for guides to organize the entire experience, from customization to payment to guest reviews. …

Nanuq Kayaks

Lewin Harley

High performance sea kayaks from Rockpool and Rebel mfgs. Some used from time to time. Greenland paddles, and associated gear all found to be at the top of their game. We do not rent boats but will sit with you and make sure you get it right.