Maine Standard Biofuels

Rodger Strickland

We are a sustainably driven waste to energy products producer. We transform used cooking oil (UCO) into a renewable energy, biodiesel, a direct replacement for diesel fuel in on-road, off-road and marine applications. We also produce a line of naturally formulated, environmentally friendly water-based cleaners named Wicked Strong as well as a biobased bio-lubricant alternative for WD-40.

Bijou Build

Amanda Lacy

Bijou Build is the worlds first and only collapsible, expandable and adaptable play system for families.

Bare Bones Handsewn

Renee Robitaille

Bare Bones Handsewn is a family owned and operated leather handsewn moccasin manufacturer. We are fourth generation shoemakers in our fourth year of operation, and are focused on developing and scaling our independent brand.