Founded in 2017, Maine Outdoor Brands unites business leaders and entrepreneurs in promoting sustainable economic development while advocating for increased participation in outdoor pursuits. Working together, we help drive Maine’s outdoor recreation economy.

MOB is a member-driven, member-led organization with a mandate to be as inclusive as possible in helping drive the success of its member brands—large and small.

Membership in MOB includes:

Quarterly Breakfast Briefings

Access To Outdoor Industry Research And Data

Quarterly Networking/Social Events

Professional Development Workshops

Knowledge Sharing

Resource/vendor introductions

Product Partnership/Development Collaboration

Ongoing Media Coverage

Trade show exhibitor discounts

Internship/Externship Possibilities

Membership Structure

Brands are at MOB’s core and are the reason for everything we do. It’s their innovative, entrepreneurial spirit that we aim to cultivate, enhance and share.


MOB currently recognizes two types of membership categories

product service brands

Product Brands are Maine-based companies who design and manufacture products that enable and encourage outdoor recreation. Service Brands are also Maine-based companies whose services facilitate participation and exploration of outdoor pursuits. Annual membership for Product/Service Brands is based on prior year sales.

membership revenue comparison table
MOB Partners

MOB Partners are affiliate experts in areas that have the potential to assist MOB members through advertising, PR, accounting, legal counsel and/or other business development areas. Annual membership for MOB Partners is a flat $1,000.

Join us

Becoming a MOB member starts with completing the application below. All request for membership are reviewed by the MOB Board for compatibility with the organization’s goals and mission. Once approved, an invoice will be issued for membership dues.