SnoYak, LLC

Rob Thompson

SnoYak has developed a revolutionary sit ski suitable for both able-bodied and adaptive skiers. Its innovative design features a low center of gravity and ergonomic seating, enhancing accessibility for limited mobility individuals and older skiers. The larger market will make sit skiing more cost-effective and inclusive, revolutionizing the ski industry

ToadAgain (Toad&Co)

Giuliana Orsky

ToadAgain is Toad&Co’s circular apparel solution. Through ToadAgain, consumers can participate in our peer-to-peer platform to sell pre-loved Toad&Co apparel to other consumers. Alternatively, consumers can send items for resale directly to our facility in Portland, ME where we sort, inspect, and list the items for resale. Pre-loved products can be purchased in store or national online at Our …

Kit Supply + Co.

Holly Curtis

Kit Supply + Co. is a curated children’s shop that outfits families with thoughtful goods to inspire outdoor adventures, whatever the weather. We prioritize sustainable manufacturing, small-businesses, and locally made products whenever possible so parents can feel good about the things they buy for their children. From outerwear that’s tough enough for a Maine winter to the perfect bedtime story …