Bare Bones Handsewn

Renee Robitaille

Bare Bones Handsewn is a family owned and operated leather handsewn moccasin manufacturer. We are fourth generation shoemakers in our fourth year of operation, and are focused on developing and scaling our independent brand.

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust – Harpswell, ME

Lindy Magness

Our mission is to preserve and protect Harpswell’s natural resources, cultural heritage and access to the outdoors now and forever through conservation, stewardship and education. Essentially, we want to keep Harpswell a special place full of wonder and wildness, while also ensuring that people can access the outdoors for years to come!

Camp Susan Curtis

Andrew DeStaebler

Our mission is to provide a transformative camp experience that nurtures self-confidence and a sense of belonging in Main children facing economic hardship. Our vision is that all Maine kids have the opportunity to thrive.