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Recap of Recent Legislative Efforts by Maine Outdoor Brands

AUGUSTA, Maine (February, 2024) –

Maine Outdoor Brands (MOB) has testified in support of the following bills during the 131st Legislative Session. View the full list of bills we are tracking that have implications for Maine’s outdoor industry here. 

LD 1167: The Maine Trails Bond: Promoting the Design, Development, and Maintenance of Trails

LD 1167, titled “An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue to Promote the Design, Development and Maintenance of Trails for Outdoor Recreation and Active Transportation,” underscores the crucial role of trails in fostering outdoor recreation. Maine Outdoor Brands has lent its support to this bill, recognizing the importance of investing in trail infrastructure to enhance access to outdoor spaces.

“The increase in demand for outdoor activities by both residents and visitors has underscored the need for more recreation opportunities, which is why it’s critical to pass the Maine Trails Bond now. The Maine Trails Bond will support design, development, and maintenance of trails – for skiing, mountain biking, snowmobiling, hiking and more. This effort will strengthen our outdoor brand and enhance outdoor recreation in Maine in all four seasons, attract talent and boost local economies. We should think about investments in trails not only as an investment in our outdoor industry, but in our entire state. Efforts like this are critical to making Maine a desirable place to live, work, visit, and do business” says Jenny Kordick, Executive Director, Maine Outdoor Brands.  

You can read MOB’s full testimony here.

LD 1817: Expanding Outdoor Education Opportunities for Maine Students

Maine Outdoor Brands stands in support of LD 1817, which proposes an opportunity for Maine students to participate in multi-day outdoor programs led by state trip leading organizations, with a focus on outdoor education and experiential learning. By collaborating with established outdoor organizations, LD 1817 aims to provide students with meaningful outdoor experiences that foster environmental stewardship, and a deeper appreciation for Maine’s wild spaces.

“The diverse landscapes of Maine, encompassing land, waterways, and the ocean, not only serve as a wellspring of inspiration for outdoor products and services but also constitute an unparalleled classroom for students. Outdoor schools can provide hands-on, holistic, interdisciplinary learning focused on science and nature, and the connection between environmental stewardship, natural resource management, and Maine’s economy. Beyond academics, these schools cultivate self-sufficiency and leadership skills, sowing the seeds for anew generation of outdoor enthusiasts.With the outdoor industry employing more than 32,000people in the state of Maine, we also see access to outdoor educationas critical in the chain of events that lead to individuals considering outdoor careers” says Jenny Kordick, Executive Director, Maine Outdoor Brands.  

You can read MOB’s full testimony here.

LD 2191: Supporting Small Businesses Impacted by Natural Disasters

In the wake of recent storms and flooding, small businesses across Maine, including those within the outdoor industry, have faced significant challenges. LD 2191 seeks to provide much-needed assistance to these businesses by offering support and resources to help them recover and rebuild. By recognizing the unique vulnerabilities faced by outdoor industry product, service, and retail brands, LD 2191 aims to mitigate the economic impact of natural disasters and ensure the continued vitality of Maine’s outdoor economy.

“We hope the program established by this legislation will be able to offset some of the costs to repair and rebuild critical outdoor recreation infrastructure, as well as provide relief to outdoor business owners who saw significant losses from closures and cancellations. We know that outdoor recreation is a significant economic driver and closely connected to many businesses across Maine. Friends and families who travel to ski or hike or snowmobile are also likely staying somewhere local and eating at local restaurants, and we want to see those businesses impacted getting back on their feet soon too” says Jenny Kordick, Executive Director, Maine Outdoor Brands.  

You can read MOB’s full testimony here.

Maine Outdoor Brands remains committed to advocating for policies and initiatives that promote outdoor recreation, conservation, and economic prosperity within the state.


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