Swell Affair

George Katilus

Swell Affair creates classic surf-inspired designs based off of Maine, surf culture, and the environment. We have a diverse product line of hats, shirts, hoodies, and bags and handcrafted/painted goods in the form of wooden surf accessories, reclaimed painted skateboards, and more. We are vocal advocates for sustainability and community justice – donating to local homeless support groups, cancer groups, …

More WOmen+ Surf

Pamela Chevez

More Women+ Surf is building an inclusive board sports community in and out of the water to make space, empower and increase access for historically underserved and marginalized communities.

Blueprint Surf Company


Based in Portland, Maine, Blueprint Surf is 3D printing surfboards using recycled plastics and bio-based resin. Using the most sustainable resources available and working on a local scale, Blueprint Surf aims to reduce the carbon footprint and toxicity of surfboard production while making innovative boards for Maine and New England.