Marin Skincare

Boutiette Amber

Thoughtfully formulated skin care products for people with eczema or dry, sensitive skin, using patented Marine Glycoproteins.

Hüga Heat

Colin Olsen

The idea for hüga came to be in the COVID Fall of 2020, when spending time outside was the only way to see the people we love. We being Jocelyn and Colin and our extended brainstorming team—our kids, folks and friends who keep us laughing.


Jim Woldenberg

The Mainers waterproof winter mitts strike the perfect balance of warmth, dexterity, and durability. It’s simply the best winter gloves you can buy, whether you’re cutting through powder or digging your car out of the driveway.

Arctic Lynx

Boyer Michelle

Arctic Lynx makes high-performance activewear for pregnant women because we value and support mothers and want to empower them to stay active and keep adventuring while pregnant. We use materials that are quick to wick and quick to dry and with spandex integration they not only hold your shape, they hold their own too.

Stephens Waring Design

Rowley Reed

Stephens Waring Yacht Design is a custom naval architecture and engineering firm located in Belfast, Maine. We helped pioneer the concept of Spirit of Tradition sailing and motor yachts, that blend the best of classic yacht designs with the latest in materials and technology. Our business is to turn our global clientele’s dreams and passions into elegant, distinctive, and fun …


Gilbert Henry

Juneberry designs modern goods for small outdoor spaces. Their flagship product is an all-natural, compact, tabletop campfire that’s easy-to-use, spark-free, and wicked convenient.

Governor Baxter

Phin White

Essential hand-crafted products for a good life—from dog beds and picnic blankets to bags and outerwear. Made with traditional materials for a state of ruggedness the way our great-uncle, Governor Baxter, would want it.

Foothill fuels

Kennedy Brian

Foothill Fuels develops and markets low-carbon renewable fuels for the outdoor recreation market. Our award-winning proprietary formula delivers a drop-in replacement for petroleum camping fuels to users of liquid fuel compatible stoves.

Grain Surfboards

Levecchia Mike

Grain Surfboards are designed using the latest 3D modelling technology and hand-built using time honored woodworking techniques and local, sustainable softwoods that naturally produce artful grain patterns on every board.

Brant & Cochran

Ferguson Mark

Brant & Cochran operates out of its South Portland, Maine shop where it forges the Allagash Cruiser and Dirigo Belt Axe — the only Maine wedge pattern camp axes being made today. We also restore vintage axes, and sell related accessories and apparel.